Vinyl digital printing

Vinyl digital printing is used in all situations where illustrations have to be reproduced in a true-to-life manner. Sizes can range from one square metre to large format advertising. Vinyl lettering has become an integral element of contemporary advertising, enabling users to create stunning effects with a low initial investment. Adding text to company vehicles in particular can pay off in a very short time. Vinyl digital printing is an inexpensive alternative to screen printing or offset printing. It stands out thanks to its flexibility and huge range of potential uses! Agencies and companies alike can create large format posters, city light posters and sales promotions in very small print runs. They can use digital prints for indoor or outdoor campaigns as well as for car or HGV advertising (weather and UV resistant for a minimum of 3 years). This format also gives trade fair constructors and interior designers a new medium for booth and room design. Architects can now present their colour drawings and blueprints in new dimensions that have never been seen before and can also supply the appropriate construction project signs completely from your data.

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