Magnetic stickers

Magnetic stickers are a very versatile form of advertising media. They are made with a flexible backing material, which has finely ground magnetic elements embedded in the material. The stickers range in thickness from 0.65mm to 0.9mm. The entire signage surface is permanently magnetised, whereby the back has a protective coating. They are not usually affected by any weather conditions, although they can become more flexible in warm temperatures and less pliable once temperatures fall below freezing. However, the magnetic force is not affected by this. Magnetic stickers are insusceptible to many chemicals and are also UV resistant. They do not become stuck to the contact surface until heated to over 80°C and their adhesive force has been tested on vehicles up to 200km/h. It is easy to print on the magnetic stickers either with foil printing or screen printing (from 5 pieces), as they have an immaculate, smooth, shadowless surface. They are also available in a range of different colours.
Magnetic stickers are the perfect, removable medium for mobile advertising. The range of possible uses is practically limitless: for all kinds of labelling and marking such as shelves, planning boards, containers, facilities, switch cabinets and much more.

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