Vinyl stickers

Stickers and self-adhesive vinyl have had a lasting effect on labelling. In the early days of sticker use, they were just about good enough for “decoration quality”, but it was inconceivable to use them for long-term applications for more than a couple of years. These days, however, they have replaced painted labelling in practically all situations. The stickers produced today can guarantee five to ten years of useful life and can be stuck over edging and beading. Even deformations are no longer a problem. Today, there are three main different types of sticker:

  1. Standard sticker with three years’ guarantee,
  2. Stabilised vinyl sticker with five years’ guarantee and
  3. Die cut vinyl stickers with a manufacturer’s guarantee of seven to ten years!

When it comes to small format stickers, (e.g. promotional stickers, car stickers), standard stickers are the primary choice. Stabilised stickers are mainly used in digital printing and the HGV industry sees the almost exclusive use of die cut quality stickers. Contact us for more advice about the proper use of stickers.

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