Post-mounted signs

Post-mounted signs allow for practical and effective product presentations in places where it is not possible to mount the sign in any other way. The support posts are constructed with anodized or coated aluminium. They are suitable for both short-term fitting in the ground or for long-term mounting with a foundation. Depending on the location, the free-standing design is always an excellent  eye-catcher for all advertising messages. The type of construction is dependent upon the short or long-term use of a post-mounted system. The slotted profile is particularly well suited for short-term or changing usage, allowing you the option to insert different signboards.
Any type of profile cross-section can be used here. Suitable covers with a flat or contoured design give the whole construction a very special finishing touch. Post-mounted signs are often used along thoroughfares and main roads where relevant products need to be presented. Depending on the size required for the interchangeable frame, a correspondingly strong support construction must be used as a base. As a cost-effective version of an advertising pylon, post-mounted signs also represent a great alternative to illuminated advertising signs. With the use of a foundation scaled to an appropriate size, lavish advertising statements can be created with these systems. The overall construction is determined by the size and number of frames required. This allows users to adapt the desired advertising statement to suit the respective location.

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