Vehicle signage

Vehicle signage or vehicle wrapping  is currently very popular with the general public. In one study by Infratest, 60% of people asked stated that they thought vehicle signage was original and provocative. Use your own car, your company car, your company’s HGVs or even rented vehicles as mobile advertising boards! Depending on where your vehicles are driving around, you can use them to achieve supra-regional recognition for your company. Once you take the durability of this advertising media into account, it becomes clear that this method represents excellent value for money. In addition to this, there are also numerous  design options – there are no limits to your creativity. There are typically three different methods that can be used to apply lettering to your vehicles:

  1. The first is decoration using acrylic or synthetic resin varnish.
  2. The second option is a vinyl foil application. Using this method, the ad is applied by means of die cut vinyl stickers showing texts and logos.
  3. The third method is digital printing for outdoor use.

Ads to see and be seen!

We always stay up to date with the latest graphic technology for vehicle models and create a draft design for almost any popular vehicle type (from cars to HGVs) at very short notice!
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