Leaf gilding

Leaf gilding has a long history. The Chinese already knew how to work with gold leaf by around 2000 BC. The technique was developed as a way to make objects appear more grand. Everyday objects could and can thus achieve a more magnificent appearance. This method was previously exclusively reserved for skilled crafts and trades, for example in carpentry where it was used to embellish tables or windows. Today, leaf gilding is also used in advertising. The main purpose is to produce decorative artwork. This gives the object in question a very luxurious appearance. However, you should be careful with the application of gold leaf. It should only be used in places where such a grand appearance is really appropriate, true to the motto “less is often more”. Leaf gold should be used to create a highlight effect. By using leaf gold in your advertising, you signalize that quality is very important to you. Another advantage is its long-lasting durability – the material has a lifespan of up to 50 years.

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