Façade signage

There are a number of different options for  façade signage. The first thing that needs to be considered is always the subsurface. Certain methods, e.g. individual cut out letters, are very well suited to building complexes with smooth outer surfaces. However, lettering can also be applied directly to the façade. Paint can be applied with a roller or an airless lacquer procedure can be used. This method is particularly well suited for applying adverts to large-scale façades, although the surface should be suitable. Another option is to affix the ad to the façade panel. These plastic or aluminium panels are printed or covered with vinyl foil. A wide range of colours are available and the panels can be cut into any shape required.

Formula for calculating max. reading distance:
Half the letter height in millimetres equates to the maximum distance in metres for clear legibility with normal eyesight and standard font types.

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