Care service

Advertising systems, particularly those for outdoor use, are exposed to all kinds of different influences on a daily basis, including traffic, weather conditions and dust. Not only the conceptual planning and design of your advertising, but also its overall appearance will leave a lasting impression on customers and passersby. To make sure that this impression remains as positive as possible, we recommend that you check your advertising signs regularly. This will help you maintain the value of your signage, achieve the longest possible service life and be certain that your facilities are always in a good condition. We are happy to offer a comprehensive care service for your advertising system.

Here’s an example:
The covers of the signage are removed in order to free both the interior and exterior of debris and residues. If necessary, a high pressure hose is used or dirt is removed with a solvent cleaning agent. Next, the material is checked for signs of cracks forming. At your request, all wearing parts can be replaced and preserving agents applied. Minor flaws are repaired at standard regular intervals. All corroded exterior screw connections are replaced with maintenance-free, non-rusting, stainless steel fastenings. We will also inform you about appropriate repair requirements, which can be carried out at the next servicing appointment after submitting a price quotation. The care service package is carried out at an annual fixed rate, which is based on a regular care service agreement.

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