Illuminated letters

Illuminated letters are the exclusive and timeless manner of presenting illuminated texts and emblems in an outdoor setting, whether it’s with tasteful, restrained shadow text or a bright, eye-catching illumination. Neon or LED profile letters represent a very special and yet also classic form of outdoor advertising. Thanks to this timeless, elegant appearance, they make a valuable impression over a long-term  period compared with other advertising methods. They are also indicative of high quality standards. Today, profile letters have continued to grow in importance, as modern LED technology opens up countless new possibilities. Illuminated letters can be used for a wide range of different applications such
as illuminated LED displays, in discos or for building illumination. Free-standing illuminated lettering is also possible. With the exception of external neon outlines, all existing neon lettering can be replaced with an energy-saving, LED version. Use our online calculator to calculate the costs for your individual text with illuminated letters. >>>

Illuminated letters price calculator

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