Advertising pylons

What is an advertising pylon?
This term has become well established in the field of illuminated advertising and outdoor signage; it is usually used to refer to advertising systems that are mounted outdoors on free-standing, pillar-like constructions. The car and oil industries were trailblazers for establishing this trend. The word “pylon” originally comes from Greek where it meant a large gateway, flanked by corner towers, leading into Egyptian temples and palaces. Today the word is frequently used in both engineering and advertising. Advertising pylons serve as a marker, a navigational aid and provide useful information. Their main advantage is that they can be set up separately from any buildings. They are usually positioned close to a road and angled so the passersby can see them better. Moreover, it is easier to adjust them to be in the driver’s eye-line compared to signage on buildings, for example. Advertising pylons are either lit up from the inside, not illuminated at all or, depending on the local surroundings, can be illuminated from the outside. A wide variety of materials such as aluminium, stainless steel, plastic, wood, acrylic glass, brass, copper or integral rigid foam panels are frequently used for this type of advertising. Logos and texts can be placed on acrylic glass or individual advertising elements can be embossed in relief. There are countless extremely stylish, elegant and creative possibilities.
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