Illuminated advertising

Illuminated advertising on illuminated signs is a very popular and widespread way of presenting a company. It has become an integral part of our city street scenes. The signs can be constructed from a wide variety of materials. Aluminium hollow-chamber profile is frequently used, as are galvanized steel structures. A long service life is the key performance feature of this advertising format.   Furthermore, the low energy consumption should always be a strong foundation for this long-term solution. The advertising surfaces are predominantly fitted with acrylic glass covers
or panels. Acrylic glass is weather-resistant and there is also a break-proof version available. In principle, there are three different construction options to choose from. The budget option with front panels that can be inserted or clipped in, the visually elegant version with edge bonded acrylic covers and finally, the deep-drawn acrylic casing method, whereby a certain number of units must be ordered in order to ensure cost-efficient production. We specialise in working with edge bonding as this option does not require the costly construction of moulds. There is a wide range of other options for using illuminated advertising to create an effective advertising statement.
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