Business cards

Make the first – often crucial – impression of your company count with the help of business cards! This “trifling thing” is frequently underestimated as a powerful tool for closing  a deal. Your first contact often leaves a lasting impression with your client. Whether you want to reach out to a larger or smaller client base should not affect the creation of  business cards in principle. It is important to choose the right manufacturing process based on the required print numbers, durability or expressive power in order to keep the cost-benefit ratio within calculable limits. Offset printing is a cost-effective method for producing large batch orders, while digital printing better serves the demands of smaller print runs. Both printing processes guarantee consistently high quality. All business cards can be printed one or two sided, in monochrome or multicolour. The choice of an individual type of paper  should be tailored to match your personal requirements depending on the printing process. It is also possible to laminate the cards to protect them from dirt and moisture, thus ensuring long-term durability.

  • Standard folded card, printing on outside or inside as required,
    (lamination not possible)
  • Folded card with shortened front side, lamination is also not possible for this  option.
  • Cornerless card, rounded corners in sizes: 1/8”, 1/4”  and 3/8”,  or credit card format

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