Logo design

Only designs that you have drawn yourself can provide a high level of security against similar drafts of other logo designs. The frequent use of clipart all too easily entails the risk of producing a duplicate logo. Our logo designs are exclusively produced using original sketches and ideas. This is the most surefire way to guarantee that you will be able to protect your logo under copyright! Because in advertising, the uniqueness associated with such copyright is often decisive in a campaign’s success or failure. Knowledge of the product or company structure is absolutely essential in order to obtain a calculable basis in the draft phase. The information you provide for our basic evaluation should therefore be as detailed as possible in all points; the more precisely this calculation can be carried out in the preliminary stages, the more cost-effectively you will be able to receive a company logo that can be copyright protected. Precisely calculated quotations facilitate the productive translation of your company philosophy into an attractive logo. The designs  that are hereby produced also attain a high degree of recognition with a unique expressive power.

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