Layout & design

Our layout  & design services comprise of producing a print-ready template for adverts, picture catalogues, magazines, brochures, leaflets and more.
Our rule of thumb is “Layout is when a lazy reader reads an article that they are interested in all the way to the end and then also buys the book.”
This means very precise work with baseline grids, sample pages, overall appearance and capturing the attitude of the person the product is intended to attract! Layout design therefore means understanding the effect of certain elements and not simply adding countless empty flourishes. Design should be thought of as a complete process, not as an additional extra which just throws in some extra splashes of colour. By first paying close attention to its effects can a layout become a complete product. But let’s not fool ourselves, nothing is perfect in this world. One person might be delighted by a layout design, someone else might think it’s too little, too much, too yellow, too green, too light, too dark etc. That’s why it is of utmost importance to carefully adhere to a baseline grid.

Who is the buyer or reader/observer?
What is important to the reader (pictures/information)?
Will the publication appear monthly like a magazine or is it a one-off like a book?
What kind of environment does the reader live in?
What is already available on the market and for what price?

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