Brochure stands

Acrylic glass is an ideal starting material for creating modern, practical and effective product presentations in accordance with your individual wishes. Particularly in the small batches sector, the initial costs are comparably low. The competitively-priced material is easy to print, mill, bend and stick together. Thanks to the clean finish of the polished edging, these products can be combined with spotlights and lamps to create interesting light effects that  help stimulate sales! If a larger batch is required, it can be advantageous to produce an injection moulding tool, thereby achieving a more favourable price-performance ratio. The polystyrene material used in this process is very similar in appearance to acrylic glass and is practically indistinguishable. However, it is not suitable for outdoor use! Brochure stands for your promotional materials. Easy access for your customers – always tidy and representative.

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