About us

Our company…

… was founded in 1978.

These decades of experience in the advertising industry mean that we can guarantee you efficient and professional solutions.

It all started with paints and brushes in the garage with all the highs and lows that every company probably goes through.
The search and quest to find secure fields of work is what has shaped the range of services we offer today and also developed
stable business segments with our own developments in advertising technology. Our focus has always been on continually developing the company and not on making huge profits.
In this manner, our resources have continued to grow along with ideas for
cost-oriented products. We therefore excel in providing a particularly wide range of products and services. We
are just as well versed in digital printing for outdoor and indoor use as we are in cutting, moulding or CNC milling
aluminium and plastic materials. Targeted investments for optimizing and monitoring
expanding business areas are the basis for our dedicated team. In addition to our routine work, we also develop concepts
and solutions for a wide range of different tasks.
Flexibility, skills and well-founded expertise supported by state-of-the-art technology and creativity have been crucial
elements in the positive development of our company.

We can turn your wishes into a reality quickly and individually. We take our lead from you – not the other way around!
We believe our services are made up of two key components – service and performance.
Why not try our “Weekend labelling service”.

With our combination of modern technical
equipment and professional workmanship, we are able to offer you consistently low-cost solutions for realizing your
advertising needs.
Contact us, we are happy to answer any questions you may have.